{Review} Peculiar Creatures by T.R.Rankin

Written: 10/9/2017 Rating: 4/5 Stars Buy it here: Amazon, Amazon UK, or Amazon Canada This book was given to me for free by the author for review, but it in no way reflected my rating or review.  This book was amazing in more than one way. It included bits of poetry throughout that gave this book am unique twist… Continue reading {Review} Peculiar Creatures by T.R.Rankin


{Weekly Update Wednesday} 27 September 2017

Hello Bibliophiles and Bookdragons! Today I'm going to be giving another update. *hides* yes, but this is a the first post in an ACTUAL schedule that I'm ACTUALLY planning out that will ACUALLY STICK. First, I'll start off by giving my new schedule: Mondays: Reviews! Wednesdays: Weekly Update Wednesday (I didn't want to do the… Continue reading {Weekly Update Wednesday} 27 September 2017