Update {24 June 2017}

Hello Bookworms and Bibliophiles!

It has been forever since my last post and I apologize for that. I fell off the face of the Earth, no I’m kidding. Life has been crazy and I have not been able to update, write, and post for a while. Plus, it does not help that I still do not have a laptop.

First, on my list of updates, I have just gotten back to bookstagram after a month long hiatus. (Go check that out here yes, a shameless self promo.) And I am so happy to be back, and I cannot wait to start taking more photos and being more interactive!😘 Bookstagram has been a place of security and home for me for the past 5-6 months. I have been able to be myself in an area where it is allowed and encouraged. I can be a reader who loves books without being made fun of and a a person who is odd and weird and lived even though. I had to, however, go on hiatus due to my mental health for a month, but I am so glad to be back and so excited to see what the future holds!

Next on my list, is posting on here. I have been a terrible poster, and I apologize for that. I have not posted on time, nor have I been posting consistently. I’m going to try very hard to get one to two posts up a week. Yes, that is probably wishful thinking, but I have been aiming so low that I want to set a higher goal for me. My goal is to post a review or bookish related post every Wednesday or Thursday and I’m Saturdays (this is the iffy one) a update. I hope I can do this, and your love and support have been helping as well!

Also, reading. Let’s just say this has been a struggle. I’ve been in 4 reading slumps just this year, so I haven’t not been able to read as much as I would have like to. And now I am like 7 books behind schedule on Goodreads😭 The good news is I’m starting to get back into reading and I hope to catch up over the summer and get a lot of reading done.

CR: Wintersong, yes, I am still reading it.

I don’t think I have any more updates, but stay tuned for next week’s!

{Review} THE SHACK By William Paul Young

So, I read The Shack right before I saw the movie (you can’t see the movie first!) and I fell in love. It was not my usual type of book. And honestly, I was a bit scared to read it with all that’s going on in my life; however, the reality of the book was much different and has forever changed my life.

If I am being honest, I wrote this post a while ago, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it. It hit a spot I wasn’t ready to share. I edited it, and now I’m ready for this 5 star book to be shared with all.


Book: The Shack

Author: William Paul Young

Rating: 5/5 ⭐

Initial Reaction: What am I reading this for? Is my Grama right, is it going to change me? Ha! I’m only reading this because of the movie. (Great initial reaction for a 5 star book.)

During Reaction: What!? How is this author guy so smart? I’ve been super faithful my entire life and not a person in my family could describe something this well. “How on Earth!? Or I guess not Earth.” (~actual quote from me while reading)

Reflected Reaction: Wow! I’m changed. I can’t even. Wow. How could–. Then I went into the entire changed stage where every time I thought of my current situation, I thought that book. That darn book made me think about this differently. How can this one book change the way I feel about a horrid time?

But it did. I’ve only finished it a little while ago and swear I’m never going to not think about it or go back to thinking the way I was before the book.


Mack enters a Great Sadness, as he calls it, after tragedy strikes his family one summer. The tragedy affects his children and wife causing them distress, but he’s in an almost “broken” state. He can’t be happy. His daughter is a mess. His son is keeping secrets. His wife takes everyone’s pain on top of her own. The family can’t take anymore. Mack gets invited to the shack, the same shack that caused his pain three years earlier. Nan, Mack’s wife, has a nickname for God (Papa), and supposedly Papa sent Mack a letter to meet Papa at the shack. Mack’s wife and children go to visit family and to get his daughter Kate help. Mack goes to the shack completely unaware of what’s going to happen. His adventures there change him. His adventures there changed me. The story is unbelievable yet believable at the same time.

Spoiler Free Review:

First of all: Wow!

Second: Read the book if you haven’t. Even for not religious people it can help and change your life.

They say tragedy affects everyone, and they are not wrong, but what they don’t tell you is that tragedy leaves you in a little ball of distress. A place where you feel you keep going down and there is no way back up, no way to get further. Mack is at that point in his life when the book begins. He has no hope in him. No happiness. Nothing that cheers him. He blames himself. He thinks he was wrong like he should’ve known. No one knows. You can’t know, not until it’s over or happening. It’s not like you planned it.

Mack never had a good relationship with God. Mack had a hidden hate for God since childhood. He felt like God should’ve fixed it. Like God should’ve have prevented everything. He feels as though God should have let anything happen to him but especially his family. Mack wonders why God lets bad things happen to his “children” or if people really are God’s children. What Mack learns at the shack proves that God didn’t plan the bad things, but God can’t prevent them either. God can, however, have his children learn great things from the bad experiences.

I really want to say more, but spoilers! And I can’t do that to y’all in a spoiler free section.

Spoiler Section: 

I’m warning you.

Go away if you don’t want spoilers.

Here goes…

I was not expecting it. I honestly wasn’t expecting the book to be that good. I half thought he’s going to be on his knees in a shack yelling at God, not talking to God and God being right there directly answering.

I know we, as readers, ball when a character dies, but since I knew about Missy, I knew that it wouldn’t be too hard to handle. However, when I read about the police finding the bloodstained dress and Mack needing to identify. I cried so hard that I thought I was going to die from breathing loss. I knew, although unwritten, that since the murderer took her dress that he did more to that little girl. That was something that hit me hard. Killing is one thing, but that is another. Sorry, depressing I know. Happier note: I was so happy and relieved to find out later that Missy was joyful and not devastated over what happened to her (if that makes any sort of sense).

When Mack had arrived at the shack, it was like there is so many more pages. If this author wrote 200 pages on Mack yelling, I might yell. I find out a little further that I was way wrong in thinking. HE MET GOD AS THE THREE PERSONS. Wow. I was thinking I’m an idiot. So much was explained by Mr. Young and I kept thinking how if I could explain my faith this well, well, I don’t know what I’d do. I loved how Papa was female and that explained how God isn’t one gender he is everyone.

Now, my favorite part: Sunday. When Mack awoke to Papa as a fatherly figure I had tears. He needed a father-figure that day. The whole day from starting to forgive that jerk (I mean guy who made a mistake… Forgiveness, right…) to finding Missy’s body to burring her in Mack’s mess of a garden/life.

When reading that Kate thought Missy’s death was her fault I was devastated. Kate did nothing wrong. She was being silly on a boat and fell. An accident. Kate saying she let Missy get killed was like a knife to the gut. I kept thinking how that isn’t a far off idea even for real life. When tragedy strikes, everyone puts themselves at fault. Like what a bad person did was their fault.

The ending was perfect. A great ending to a great book. When Mack had awoke on Friday, I knew it showed that God worked on different hours. I smiled thinking that God had a weird way of showing his love, but it was definitely there. When Mack told Nan about his adventures and she said “I believe you”, I smiled so brightly with tears in my eyes. His Great Sadness was gone and Kate knew that it wasn’t her fault (found out earlier) the readers knew everything was going to be alright. The worst of it was past, the Phillips had to just make it to tomorrow.

On a separate note, I know at least one person will either read the book or the review and think that the murder or what happened and people’s feelings are far from the truth. How wrong that is. I know personally that when something bad happened everyone blames themselves and goes into a depressed state and feels like they should’ve known.

I hope you enjoy(ed) this as much as I did!

Lastly, I’m sorry my thoughts are so scattered!

XOXO ~Tiah

Current TBR

Alrighty, book-lovers, I am here with a current TBR as of May 2017 that I won’t stick with for long, but make anyway. These are the books that have either been on my shelf for ages or I recently obtained. I did not include the classics and the rereads I will throw in.

Hunted– Meagan Spooner: A recent buy. IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD! I have started it, but I wrote this during ACOWAR

The Sun Is Also A Star– Nicola Yoon: A book I received around my birthday, but haven’t read it yet. I NEED to, I know!

Geekerella– Ashley Poston: This is a recent buy. Bookstagram made me buy it!

Wintersong– S. Jae-Jones: Recent buy. I NEED TO READ THIS!

All The Bright Places– Jennifer Niven: Older have and need to read.

I’ll Give You The Sun– Jandy Nelson: Another one I have had for a while but haven’t read.

Passenger and Wayfarer– Alexandra Bracken: Also a recent buy. Yes, I am late to jump on this train, but better late than never?

Strange the Dreamer– Lani Taylor: Newer buy. I have heard such good things, I need to read!!

The Forgetting– Sharon Cameron: I won this last year and I still have not read it, whoops?

And lastly (for this list), The Battle for Liberty– Sarah Beth Parker: Another book I won and have not read, again, whoops??

WOW, I have a lot of reading to do! Goodbye, lovelies!



Ways to Destress!

We all have had that moment where we have so much going on that we cannot get anything done…we have put ourselves into a panic. I say “we” because I have done this too many times to count and it has affected from my day to my entire week. I have gone from quietly trying to complete my homework to realizing I need to go to dance in ten to forgetting about the birthday party tomorrow which means more work tonight to remember the amount of reading I need to catch up on to…well you get the point. Although I made it up, it makes total sense. Having wrote that started to stress me out and give me anxiety and I probably gave you it slightly as well. Therefore, today’s blog post…


1.) Books: Okay, what some of you are thinking is “WTH? Uh, you are a bookstagrammer, of course you are going to suggest books, that is what your mind goes to automatically!” Okay, I guess I deserve that 😑…. By “books” i didn’t necessarily mean reading them. Books are very powerful. From their words to their covers. With that being said, when I said “Books”, I meant books. I mean going and sitting in front of any shelf for a while. The colors, old, and new, and the shapes and sizes can start to calm you down. Smelling them is good too. I like that a lot😂 And reading of course, but sometimes that can be too hard with a lot of stress.1494212307468496097908

2.) Journaling: When I cannot get out my feelings to my parent or someone I trust, I immediately turn to my journal. I trust my journal and I can get all of my feelings out without having the person listening to me not care my journal MUST care about me! I have just started to BuJo, and I can promise that helps a lot😊

3.) Deep Breathing With Music: For me, I love musicals coughcoughHamiltoncoughcough; however, when I am stressed and straight up Hamilton doesn’t work, I’ll put on some piano music and focas on my breathing….and taking deep, deep breaths.


4.) Coloring: As you can see, I own a lot of coloring supplies–from Sharpies to colored pencils to gel pens to a million coloring books. Obviously, you DO NOT need to have this much. I shouldn’t have this much!! The point I am trying to make is that with coloring you can escape into cascades of colors and themes. I do suggest that you don’t pick a pattern with tiny areas, for it can get frustrating. Also, have fun! Treat yourself to a pack of markers and a coloring book!

5.) Photography: Of course, as a bookstagranmer I always take planned photos, but I also take candid, natural photos. Looking through those candid ones definitely makes me calm. I suggest even looking through old photos in *gasp* photo albums!

So, I have written five ways for today on how to destress, but if you EVER need to talk about something or need more tips, my DMs, Email, and other social media Instant Messages are ALWAYS open! Also, stress is apart of everyone’s lives–YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As always, I love you and I am giving you all internet hugs: *hugs*



{Review} LUST, MONEY, AND MURDER Trilogy By Mike Wells


Book: Lust, Money, and Murder

Author: Mike Wells

Rating: 4.5/5 🌟

Initial Reaction: Hm, this looks really good. I don’t read much like this, but this looks good.

During Reaction: Oh. My. Stars. This is good. Real good. I love the character development. Ah. So good.

Reflected Reaction: Y’all must pick up this trilogy. It wasn’t my favorite because it wasn’t my type of book exactly, but it was still really, really good.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Summary: Elaine Brogan was born in a bad neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Her mother left when she was young. Then, at sixteen she went for a modeling job and got assulted and given counterfeit money as her “money back”. Her dad, after depositing the money, got thrown into jail. Elaine is determined to avenge her father and join the Secret Service.

Spoiler Free Section: I have to do this in three sections because the next one may contain a few spoilers, so read at your own risk 🙂

Book One: Lust: I enjoyed this book very much! I liked Nick’s character very much. Wow, I use great sentence structures… The fact that Elaine decided to risk he life in the Secret Service to arrest the man you put her father in jail. Wow. That was just amazing. Bulgaria was super cool experience to read. Elaine’s character grew much more throughout just book one, and it made me fall in love with the storyline much quicker since I was getting to know a character much better.

Book Two: Money: The book, although my least favorite, was still real good! This book included car chases, Malfia, airports, and Italy. Elaine’s counterfeit searchings get closer to finding out what happened. *wink wink nudge nudge* (Spoiler: I got so mad when Nick turned out to be mean),

Book Three: Murder: This book had to be my favorite. I loved Giorgio Cattoretti’s character. He’s backstorys and current situation was so cool! THAT ENDING THOUGH! Ah, I want to say more, but any more would be a total spoiler.

Sorry lovelies, but I couldn’t do a spoiler section. I had written out the blog last night, and I go to post it and it was all deleted. Again, I’m super sorry 💕 If you would like to talk about the books or anything in general, my dms on Bookstagram and Twitter and my email is as well!

Although the author, Mike Wells, gifted me this trilogy, it DID NOT affect my review in any way, shape, or form.

{Review} MELODY’S KEY By Dallas Coryell

I received this book, read one page, and instantly fell in love. Every word was perfectly placed, and every sentence structured perfectly. I probably should stop raving about this *fantastic* book and get on with the review.


Book: Melody’s Key

Author: Dallas Coryell

Rating: 5/5 🌟

Initial Reaction: Wowzers this looks so good. It looks a little clique, though…

During Reaction: This is only a little clique. That first paragraph! I have no words to express how amazing Coryell’s writing.

Reflected Reaction: Oh. My. Stars. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this book was! The writing was perfect, the storyline took an unexpected turn a few times, and overall was (you guessed it) amazing.

Summary: Tegan works at her family’s estate since she was a kid, but this school year she plans to take off so she can help lower the evergrowing debt. It turns out, to her dismay, that Mason Keane, a superstar, is coming to the estate in secret for the summer. Tegan’s immediate reaction is a American, egoistic, popstar is coming to her family’s estate no thank you. Tegan’s thoughts on the situation turn out to be VERY different from the reality of it all.

Spoiler Free Section: This book was not clique, not at all, I was quite surprised, to say the least. The descriptions gave it its own turn. The backstorys were not your average novel. And every moment was unique in its own perfect way.

Most novels take place in the US, because we as Americans are full of ourselves, but this novel took place in England. We, the readers, got to taste a bit of England and the train system. I loved reading about the estate and the lake and every place Tegan went.

I can’t say that when we first met Mason, I didn’t fall in love with him🙈. He’s character was perfect and broken…a relatable character. I just want to say more!

Every moment, every action, every detail was important and was not just placed for length. It was relatable which made it fun to read and not so far out in space that isn’t was boring. Mr. Coryell didn’t write it in the manner that had long monologues about the lettuce in her sandwich (as a crazy example) it was light and, for lack of a better word, fun! The characters were so cute, perfect, and ah, sorry, I just keep raving, sorry!

The author, Dallas Coryell, put so much if himself into the story. He’s a musician–Tegan sings and plays piano, and Mason is a superstar. I was told he loves romantic fantasies and that makes up the novel! The story is told in third person, but through Tegan’s eyes. Mr. Coryell wrote through a female’s eyes as well as a female could! And he lives in Michigan, and that’s my favorite place in the world!

Spoiler Section:



One thing before we begin: Oh. My. I’m completely out of my reading slump!

Let’s begin with Tegan. She’s such a beautiful character- inside and out. She was going to GIVE UP her college FULL scholarship for her family. She was relatable (super important!) because she had a horrid past (we’ll get there) and struggled with emotions and feelings. Those facts alone made her a character that wasn’t so far out there that made me put the book down.

Tegan’s family was a family that was not perfect. They were in financial trouble, as a lot of people are. Reyleigh was a “normal” teenager withe boy crazes and obsessing over her sisters love life.

Mason. Oh, Mason. He was just….no words. First of all, he went into a part in his life where he was suicidal. Second, he fell in love with a girl that told him her past tragedy. Third, he was hot, so that makes him perfect….

Tegan and Mason. They. Were. So. Cute. Together. That. I. Couldn’t. Handle. It. They could tell each other everything, they were, we’re just so adorable! If you have haven’t read this book, go pick it up, you need to! One of a great ones!!

What Cal did to Tegan was no okay and unacceptable; however, it happens…a lot. It showed that people can have something horrid happen to them and still be okay, survive, and live their life to the fullest.

The entire time I read the book, I continuously thought that I should get up and do my homework or go to bed,  but the novel was so beautifully written that I couldn’t, wouldn’t, stop reading. Job well done, Mr. Coryell! 💕

~XOXO Tiah


Although the author gifted me the book to read for review, it did not in any way affect my review or rating of the novel.