{Review} MELODY’S KEY By Dallas Coryell

I received this book, read one page, and instantly fell in love. Every word was perfectly placed, and every sentence structured perfectly. I probably should stop raving about this *fantastic* book and get on with the review.


Book: Melody’s Key

Author: Dallas Coryell

Rating: 5/5 🌟

Initial Reaction: Wowzers this looks so good. It looks a little clique, though…

During Reaction: This is only a little clique. That first paragraph! I have no words to express how amazing Coryell’s writing.

Reflected Reaction: Oh. My. Stars. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this book was! The writing was perfect, the storyline took an unexpected turn a few times, and overall was (you guessed it) amazing.

Summary: Tegan works at her family’s estate since she was a kid, but this school year she plans to take off so she can help lower the evergrowing debt. It turns out, to her dismay, that Mason Keane, a superstar, is coming to the estate in secret for the summer. Tegan’s immediate reaction is a American, egoistic, popstar is coming to her family’s estate no thank you. Tegan’s thoughts on the situation turn out to be VERY different from the reality of it all.

Spoiler Free Section: This book was not clique, not at all, I was quite surprised, to say the least. The descriptions gave it its own turn. The backstorys were not your average novel. And every moment was unique in its own perfect way.

Most novels take place in the US, because we as Americans are full of ourselves, but this novel took place in England. We, the readers, got to taste a bit of England and the train system. I loved reading about the estate and the lake and every place Tegan went.

I can’t say that when we first met Mason, I didn’t fall in love with him🙈. He’s character was perfect and broken…a relatable character. I just want to say more!

Every moment, every action, every detail was important and was not just placed for length. It was relatable which made it fun to read and not so far out in space that isn’t was boring. Mr. Coryell didn’t write it in the manner that had long monologues about the lettuce in her sandwich (as a crazy example) it was light and, for lack of a better word, fun! The characters were so cute, perfect, and ah, sorry, I just keep raving, sorry!

The author, Dallas Coryell, put so much if himself into the story. He’s a musician–Tegan sings and plays piano, and Mason is a superstar. I was told he loves romantic fantasies and that makes up the novel! The story is told in third person, but through Tegan’s eyes. Mr. Coryell wrote through a female’s eyes as well as a female could! And he lives in Michigan, and that’s my favorite place in the world!

Spoiler Section:



One thing before we begin: Oh. My. I’m completely out of my reading slump!

Let’s begin with Tegan. She’s such a beautiful character- inside and out. She was going to GIVE UP her college FULL scholarship for her family. She was relatable (super important!) because she had a horrid past (we’ll get there) and struggled with emotions and feelings. Those facts alone made her a character that wasn’t so far out there that made me put the book down.

Tegan’s family was a family that was not perfect. They were in financial trouble, as a lot of people are. Reyleigh was a “normal” teenager withe boy crazes and obsessing over her sisters love life.

Mason. Oh, Mason. He was just….no words. First of all, he went into a part in his life where he was suicidal. Second, he fell in love with a girl that told him her past tragedy. Third, he was hot, so that makes him perfect….

Tegan and Mason. They. Were. So. Cute. Together. That. I. Couldn’t. Handle. It. They could tell each other everything, they were, we’re just so adorable! If you have haven’t read this book, go pick it up, you need to! One of a great ones!!

What Cal did to Tegan was no okay and unacceptable; however, it happens…a lot. It showed that people can have something horrid happen to them and still be okay, survive, and live their life to the fullest.

The entire time I read the book, I continuously thought that I should get up and do my homework or go to bed,  but the novel was so beautifully written that I couldn’t, wouldn’t, stop reading. Job well done, Mr. Coryell! 💕

~XOXO Tiah


Although the author gifted me the book to read for review, it did not in any way affect my review or rating of the novel.


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