Hello, I’m Tiah! I’m a reading, writing, fangirl that Bookstagrams (readwritefangirl) and obssess on a daily basis. When I created my bookstagram in January 2017 I knew that one day I’d have to blog. Well, I didn’t have to. I really wanted to. So here I am!

I’ve20170102_114848 always been a reader. When I was 3, I started reading, and at 6, I was correcting the inaccurate grammar in Junie B. Jones books. She didn’t have good grammar, okay! My love of reading has always been there, especially during the horrid times in my life, let me tell ya some real horrid times! I knew that when no one would be there, books would.20170314_150610(0)

I’m that dancer that takes 5 classes a week. I will sometimes forget my book waiting for my next one. I have to pull one up on my phone or ask to borrow another girl’s (who has the before class) book. Dancing, for me, is like that one place that, aside from reading, can really take you to the place the artist is telling.

Having read so much, yet not a lot I thought that sharing what little I’ve and others have read, I would get to experience thousands of worlds. Then I found Bookstagrams. I admired for YEARS. Gawking at photos and commenting20170102_110650 as much as I could. I then bit the bullet and made my own. 2ish months later I needed a blog. I made one.

You might think “Wow she really goes for what she wants” but in reality, I go wherever books lead me. If I was lead into a ditch because of a book, a ditch I would be in. Not really, but I needed to make a point…

I’m so excited for this blog and to get further on my Bookstagram!

XOXO ~Tiah


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